Ares Tactical Training Group Inc. is a new company running out of Miami, Fl. Our main goal is to train airsoft players in military and law enforcement tactics and techniques. Our training curriculum is designed to teach a wide range of skills and tactical awareness, all tailored to the airsoft environment.

Our instructors have a combined twelve plus years experience in the military and law enforcement. Aside from real world missions in combat environments, each have undergone various training courses, providing them with knowledge of real world tactics, including: U.S. Army CQB training, combat leadership, rapid action tactics, active shooter, combat shooting, basic/advanced carbine, basic/advanced pistol, and S.W.A.T. Our instructors are all current U.S. infantry officers, non-commissioned officers, and SWAT team members.

As we are a new company, we are still in the process of bringing all of our media together, however we did manage to shoot a quick three minute video this past weekend.

You can see this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rutfiDxa4vA

You can also visit our facebook group page: Ares Tactical Training Group.

Or visit our website at www.arestacticalgroup.com

We look forward to training anyone with a good attitude, a mission oriented mindset, and a willingness to learn. Douchebags need not apply.

First training class is ready. 03July2010. 10 hour class. Close Quarter Battle Course. Includes a 1/4 mile U.S. Army obstacle course.

We look forward to seeing you out there.


-Ares Tactical Training Group
"Doctrinas Bello Aptare"