Just wanted to know, i got this nice PaintBall, its a Spyder TL Plus, with Hopper, 1 8 oz CO2, 1 12oz CO2 tanks (Empty), the gun is brand new! used it only 1, gun is in box, its semi automatic, also ill give u some Paintball holder that u wrap around and hold 3 tubes, and ill give u those 3 tubes filled with paintballs and about 1 bag of 500 paintballs (not sure).Also i forgot to mention the squege thing and the barrel plug ( Does not come with gloves or mask). I was looking for $160 for that whole package or a trade for any AEG's, in the MP5, M-16, M4's and XM family's. AIM me at WarCryWeasel for details or offers (Good Ones Only ;) ) Ty