As movies and television, as well as the purpose of the novel ------" come from and beyond life ", and all must be the basis of livelihood at the same time, the need for life, whether it is fiction movies or television, if it's out of touch, it certainly can not occupy the market.

In addition to the above series of movies and novels, the Internet is also the case. Why people are using the Internet? Since the Internet allows their lives much easier, this world is driven by the lazy guys, the emergence of motor vehicles is the case, the emergence of washing machines is also true. Any kind of technology or trend has this feature, therefore, the Internet can be developed today. However, with the deepening of Internet applications, a question was raised ------ Internet in the future will be more and more complex or more and more easy? On this issue, it seems that lot of the Internet sector, which tends to consider that basic services have been saturated. In the future it must be upon the Advanced Services, at the same time, the improvement of the user's quality will push the development of high-end services; while the former believe that the Internet service will become more and more life, and life will be more closely linked to that when people use the Internet to solve the problem in life, the Internet must be the easiest way to use.

The rapid development of e-commerce has brought the increased amount of information at the same time, supporting the livelihood information to guide the search tool also has ushered in enormous opportunity for development. Like many China's B2B website - Guoxin B2B (, also famous for B2B trade. View from the Guoxin business, building materials, home, machinery occupy nearly 70% demand of customers. These three areas of customer demand are relatively large, the 221 million Internet users are potential customers Guoxin. Chinese Internet learns from the experience of the United States, the only building materials and household products, the output value has more than 10 billion dollars, profits of building materials and household products in B2B are promising.